Al-Kindi Project
This is one of the experimental products developed in the Ar-PHP project labs

The first known recorded explanation of frequency analysis (indeed, of any kind of cryptanalysis) was given in the 9th century by Al-Kindi, an Arab polymath, in A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages. It has been suggested that close textual study of the Qur'an first brought to light that Arabic has a characteristic letter frequency.

Al-Kindi was a pioneer in cryptography, especially cryptanalysis. He gave the first known recorded explanation of cryptanalysis in A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages. In particular, he is credited with developing the frequency analysis method whereby variations in the frequency of the occurrence of letters could be analyzed and exploited to break ciphers (i.e. cryptanalysis by frequency analysis). This was detailed in a text recently rediscovered in the Ottoman archives in Istanbul, A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages, which also covers methods of cryptanalysis, encipherments, cryptanalysis of certain encipherments, and statistical analysis of letters and letter combinations in Arabic.


ALKindi project is designed to be used by site owners with no coding experience all the way to advanced developers who need to meet the challenges of developing professional Arabic websites. This project still in beta version and under active developing process, so we don't provide an access to our API officially yet, instead of that we are looking to get your feedback, comments, and advices once you test it here in this page. You can check this project change log here.

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How to include Al-Kindi in your page?
It is still in beta version so please don’t use it in production environment!
                <script type="text/javascript">
                    // Array of each input element id, or use one of the predefined wildcards ("all", "text", and "textarea")
                    var kindiFields = new Array('all');
                    // Use 1 for debug mode and 0 for production mode
                    var kindiDebug = 0;

                    // It should use rgb function as shown below
                    var kindiBgColor = 'rgb(255,255,200)';

                    // CSS font style configuration
                    var kindiFontColor  = '#404080';
                    var kindiFontStyle  = 'italic';
                    var kindiFontWeight = 'normal';
                    var kindiFontSize   = '12';
                    var kindiFontFamily = 'Tahoma';
                        var po   = document.createElement('script');
                        po.type  = 'text/javascript';
                        po.async = true;
                        po.src   = '';
                        var s    = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
                        s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);